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Belief Shock


In the history of ideas, there have been some truths that have been discovered and rediscovered many times over. These truths are collectively known as perennial philosophy, and understanding them begins for each of us with a sincere desire to separate reality from illusion.

If you are willing to spend the time to understand these belief shocks, you will experience an interesting adventure of discovery. You will learn some of the truths of perennial philosophy, and will take a step or two along the road of separating reality from illusion.

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There are two major errors in our common-sense understanding of perception. Most people are not aware of these errors, yet in order to develop a fully-integrated world view, it is crucial to understand them. This book starts out with the problems of perception, and their solution. It then carries this understanding forward into a whole new set of ideas.

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The Foundation of
Science and Mind


There is a flaw in making set theory the foundation of mathematics: the definition of a relation is circular, because other relations are required to define it. The solution to this flaw is to make relations primitive, and define sets and set theory in terms of relations. It turns out that all of set theory can be built on relations, without any logical inconsistencies — and by extension, all of mathematics, logic, and physics.

This readjustment of foundations leads to some surprising results.  It allows us to resolve many of the paradoxes that have plagued physicists and philosophers for centuries.

To add even more clarity, it is important to make a distinction between two worlds.  The empirical world is everything that exists and is perceptible.  And the noumenal world is everything that exists independent of the senses.  Our everyday perceptions are of the empirical world; and theoretical science is the tool we use to describe the noumenal world.  This distinction gives us further resolutions to a number of flaws in common-sense logic.

We can now offer solutions to the problem of cosmic coincidences, the mind-body problem, the problem of induction, and the problem of being.  And we can explain how theoretical science can predict empirical novelty, and why the noumenal world exists necessarily.  We also can now provide a relational basis of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Using symbolic logic, this book proposes formal proofs of these and other concepts — remarkably, arriving at a proposed proof of Leibniz's statement that we live in the best of all possible worlds.

Note: This book was originally intended to be a second edition of “Relation Philosophy of Mathematics, Science, and Mind” but in the three year preparation of it, there was so much new development that it is now better seen as a new book.  It now replaces the older book, which, before being discontinued, was downloaded 11,732 times.

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